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Catholic Charities provides domestic and inter-country adoption services to children and families. We place children from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds with their forever families.

EXPECTANT PARENTS: We care about you and your baby, and we are here to help regardless of whether you choose to parent your child or to make an adoption plan. Our services are always free to expectant parents whether you are considering adoption or just seeking information. We work with pregnant women, birth mothers, birth fathers, and families interested in adoption. We also assist pregnant women who are looking for ways and resources to parent and care for their children. Click here to learn more about our Pregnancy Services.

POTENTIAL ADOPTIVE FAMILIES: Our staff is committed to helping you find the adoption option that is right for you. We provide you with the information and support needed during your adoption journey. Click here to learn more about our Adoption programs.

Interested in learning more about adoptions? Attend one of our ADOPTION MATTERS workshops, a presentation covering all aspects of finding families for children. Many are intimidated about the process and not sure where to start. Come hear our experienced social workers demystify the journey toward a successful adoption and building happy families by registering for one of our workshops.


Contact Us: (225) 336-8708 or click here to send an email.


dear friends of waiting adoptive moms: some things to know (also, we’re sorry)

This is a repost of a blog entry from by Wymsel

1. Your friend is not crazy. (She is adopting.) There is, I will admit, a fine line between those two, but still, it's good to remember. The international adoption of a child requires enough paperwork to kill a small forest. And more governmental red tape than you can believe. Imagine your longest, most frustrating trip to the DMV. Now quadruple that, add in twelve more governmental agencies in two countries, and remember it's not a driver's license you're waiting for, but the final piece of paper that says this family you're creating can finally, finally be together. Yeah. Not crazy. But close.

2. She loves a child she's never met. It's possible. So possible. It's irrational and crazy but it's reality. Does she love them like she will once she gets to know them? No. But she loves them. She wakes up loving them and goes to sleep loving them. She drives to the grocery story and aches to have them safe and snug in the carseat waiting for them. She pushes her cart around the store and hears a child cry and her heart pounds, wondering if her child is crying? Alone? Hungry? She might even have to leave an entire grocery cart full of food in the yogurt aisle to go home and cry because it just is too hard. Way too hard.

3. It's difficult having your heart on the other side of the world. To people on the outside, they don't look like our kids; on paper, they might not be our kids yet. But in our hearts, we love these children like they are and yet, we're not together. We're moms without children. It's an ache that doesn't go away. It starts before we see their faces and only ends when they're in our arms. So, we walk about with half our heart missing. It's hard to breathe, to think, to speak. Something always feels missing. Because they are.

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Share Your Adoption Story


This year Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge celebrates our 50th year providing adoption services to our community.  We would like to invite you to celebrate with us by sharing your adoption-related stories and experiences.   

If your family has been touched by adoption through Catholic Charities, we would love to hear about it from your perspective as an adopted person, an adoptive parent, a birth parent, or anyone in the adoption constellation.

Also, please let us know if you would be willing to share your story in person.

Please email stories and/or photographs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Please note that a media release is required, so that we may share your story.


OLOM Mary's Club Hosts Baby Shower


On October 6th, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School hosted a baby shower to benefit Catholic Charities' Sanctuary for Life program. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherri Montagnino and the student members of Mary's Club for their generosity and support.  Thank you!

For more information about hosting a baby shower, please contact Mary Mckee - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All donations support our Sanctuary for Life and maternity clients.



God in Adoption

Often when we meet an adoptive parent, or any member of an adoptive family, we are prompted to say "It was God's plan" (or some version thereof), in response to their story.  While we may mean it to be encouraging or complimentary, it may not always be perceived that way by the person who hears it

The following story from the Mommy Means It blog, gives us another perspective.

On the day that my husband and I decided we were ready to start our family, I wrote about it in a journal. Many years later, when our family was complete, I re-read that journal and was shocked to see that the entry about starting a family was written on the exact day and year our eldest child was born in Haiti.

Spooky, huh? Or maybe your first thought is that God had clearly planned the whole thing.

It’s a lovely thought on the surface. There is comfort in feeling like a supreme being is working things out. If your faith is important to you and your parenting, though, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to connect God with adoption. Although it sounds lovely on the surface, it is actually damaging to attribute adoption to God’s plan

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